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We are breeders of the English Cavy and English Crested tricolour (black-red-white) and bicolour (red-white).
Our aim is to breed healthy, good-looking and good tempered cavies. Our breeding priorities are health, character and exterior (exactly in this order of importance). We would like to breed especially fine bicolour and tricolour litters. Our abmition is to breed fine tricolour piggy in satin but we don't prefer the satin cavies.

We prefer minor breeding group but well socialized and pet. :)

We have been breeding guinea pigs since 1989; guinea pigs with the pedigree since 2009. My first guinea pig came to me as a birthday present when I was 5. I fell in love with the piggies and I breed them up to this day. The piggies are our friends and we try to give them the best home, they can have.

Our guinea pigs live in the "guinea pig house", which was made especially for our piggies and their comfort.

Our Guinea Pig House

Our piggies go also for a walk around our flat once a day, especially before vacuum cleaning. :) For dames with children we have a barrier run.

When we are at our grandma house, our guinea pigs have an outside run.

Bořivoj outside

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If you are interested in our Breeding Station, if you want to contact us in English, please send us an email, we'll be pleasured! ;)